A website for residents opposing the ‘Great Forest National Park’ proposal to share their personal experiences and views to challenge the great forest park, and stay informed with essential updates to support our cause.

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Petition National Park creation in Central Highlands and Gippsland regions sponsored by Wayne Farnham MP.

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Petition Stop the creation of any new national parks sponsored by Melina Bath MP.


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What Are We Fighting For?

Equal Rights for ALL to enjoy our State Forests as we please.

Not only does this effect Victorian’s, but interstate travellers will also be impacted by the changes being made by our Victorian Government.

We will be stripped of our rights to use our State Forests/Crown Land as we wish to without gates locking us out, financial/criminal penalties for undergoing our regular hobbies and having to pay to camp in ‘designated areas’.

Our FREEDOM is at stake here!

To EXPOSE the truth of what this ‘proposal’ will mean for our future use

This proposal is surrounded by secrecy and hidden agendas – we aim to expose these and inform the people of Australia what this will mean for our use, our children’s use and our children’s children use in the decades to come.

There are plans for this land that we have not been privy to as regular Australian citizens.

Not the “Aussie Way” in any sense!

To UNITE all bush user groups and stand up for the rights of Aussie’s

As Australians, our Culture and our Heritage is embedded in our use of the bush. We have generations of bush users who’ve used these lands to provide for their families through hunting, gathering firewood, and enjoying the land whilst maintaining tracks that would become inaccessible as a National Park.

Removal of fuel loads and maintenance of this bush land is paramount in our fight against deadly bushfires which WILL HAPPEN if we are locked out!

Raise awareness and help save our state forests!

About Us

A group of every day Australians who are AGAINST the loss of our State Forests & Crown Land to National Park status

We are 10k strong and growing every day. Join us in the fight to have our voices heard!


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